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Jebb Graff | Headshot

Today I turned 33 years old as the title suggests. Time for my annual self-portrait. Why do the 365 projects when I could just do one on on my birthday? There it is. Headshot style. Not bad. Grayer.

In the past several years, I’ve half heartedly done the New Year’s resolution thing. Who wants to vow to make drastic changes in the coldest, most depressing part of the year? Who climbs Mt. Everest at the onset of bacterial and viral pneumonia? Exactly. So I thought I might try and make a new year resolution or two on a day that counts. A day that actually begins my new year. I think I will do that. I think I won’t share for now. I read recently that sharing goals statistically hinders chances of acheiving them. I’ve talked about winning the lottery for years. Never won it. Statistics, folks. Statistics.

Time to have dinner with my wife. Time to thank God for another year of life on Earth. Time to close the laptop and live real life.