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Last weekend, Bevan Designs and Graff Creative shared a booth at the Fuquay-Varina Celebration of the Arts. Instead of selling anything this year, I posted a sign asking people to tell me what they loved about Fuquay-Varina/what Fuquay-Varina is to them in exchange for a professional profile photo. The photos above were most of the results. There are a few more in the full gallery here. My intention is to continue to promote this small town that I have grown to love as much as possible. The thing I love most about this town? It’s a very friendly place with a growing sense of community. I figure the more that people share what they love about Fuquay-Varina, the more others will see their town positively too.

I’ve decided to continue this beyond the Celebration of the Arts. The offer stands. Tell me what you love about Fuquay-Varina and then set up a time for one free profile picture.

I <3 FV.


Note:¬†This series/project is about loving Fuquay-Varina, not making a family portrait, so please understand that there will only be one photo taken per person on the backdrop of my choosing. No more than two people will be photographed at one time. If you’re interested in family portraits, please get in touch and we can plan to make it happen! Thanks for your understanding.