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This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing L.C. The last time was for herĀ 9 month old portraits. She’s grown so much since then!

I’ve seen her around town a few times on walks with her parents or while shopping at the Growers Market. She’s always all smiles and sweetness, so I was really looking forward to photographing her again for her 18 month portraits. Well, I must’ve been looking pretty scary because she did not want to see me when I arrived! One reason I don’t book more than one child session per day is to make sure that if a child isn’t in the mood for pictures, we can wait a while for snacks, naps, or a little playtime. Turns out that all L.C. needed was a few M&Ms and some hugs from her mom. It was cold and dark outside, so we opted for some photos indoors. You can wait for babies, but sometimes the sun doesn’t respond to M&Ms in quite the same way. We ended up having a pretty good time that even ended in shared M&Ms and a hug for me. Sharing, patience and candy are always a pretty good mix. I really like how you can see the progression from L.C. being not so sure to quite comfortable with this particular set of photos.

Sometimes you just can’t rush a good thing.