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Birthday Photobooth | Fuquay-Varina Photographer

Occasionally, my favorite photo from a session or event is very imperfect. This is a case of that. I did a photobooth for M’s 5 year birthday party yesterday. He was making a game of the photobooth. The rules were something along the lines of “you can’t get a picture of me because I am too fast for you on my red tricycle”. My competitive nature kicked in of course. I’m not going to let some smarmy 5 year old on a tricycle beat my trigger finger. Maybe it was just that I was jealous that I can no longer cruise around indoors on a tricycle, and nothing about me is what a youthful person considers fast anymore. The jury’s still out on that one. What I’m certain of, is that I got him. I bragged. I told him “you’re too slow for my camera, grasshopper”. I was really proud of the shot. Then I got home and discovered he had won. He was just about 6 inches too far forward of where my focus had landed when I pressed the remote button that told my MacBook Pro to tell my camera to flip the mirror up and grab 1/250 of a second worth of 3 little flashes and one big strobe. The mechanics of this nimble little smiley 5 year old beat my gadgets – and my photographic know-it-all-ness. Tack sharp focus – not this time. But look at that kid. Look at that light. He’s in the frame. One of several blank white ones.

This imperfect – missed shot. These are the ones that teach me how to be sure it won’t happen again. They’re also the ones that don’t get thrown in the “delete” pile thanks to the pure fun of an expression and a moment. Yes – it’s a silly photobooth. Yes – I wish it had been in focus. Yes – it’s still a shot I’d gladly print.

No – this post has no poignancy in my point. I simply had a great time playing (and losing) a game with a great kid on his birthday.