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First of all let me wish a happy birthday to my brother, James!

Creative Day Off -or- XBox With Albert

Creative Day Off -or- XBox With Albert

Second of all – it’s Friday which means I technically have the day off. If you work for yourself, you know that “day off” doesn’t truly exist but it’s a nice thought right? Well, my version of my Friday day off is really a day to let creativity do its thing. Creativity is in the name of my company, so at some point one would expect something creative to come from it. That’s not an easy task in a 9-5 or in my case a 10-5:30 environment. Among the accounting, troubleshooting why Facebook’s OpenGraph protocol isn’t doing what it should with a website, helping folks get their photobooth downloads, backing up files, and a million other things on the list to be done each week; there is just very little chance that something brilliantly fresh is going to roll out of my brain and onto a piece of Kodak Endura paper. I’m not complaining though (much). I actually really enjoy all those challenges the week brings. It just stinks to look at my body of work and see that it’s getting older every day. I need to make some new stuff happen. Whether that stuff is photography or marketing plans doesn’t matter to me. Creativity comes in many forms which aren’t always aesthetically pleasing ones.

So here I am on the couch on Friday. Chai tea steaming (coffee is reserved for work days and relaxing with my beautiful wife). I’ve already done some normal work that wasn’t supposed to happen on my “day off”, but soon I’ll look like the picture above. Controller in hand – blasting n00bz on MW3 – getting cussed at by 8-year-olds that should be in school – receiving head nudges from the 9 hundredy billion cats that roam our house. Why? Because creativity strikes when we least expect it. Just ask all those folks that sleep with notebooks by the bed. You can’t plan creativity, but your brain is always working hard while you get lost in whatever you get lost in. For me – I’ll spend another hour or two hammering these black squares into my MacBook Pro, then it’ll be pixelated lead hammering into my fake opponents, and hopefully…

Boom! Headshot.