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Here’s another time lapse. No, I’m not time lapse crazy (maybe a little). This was actually from last year in November, but I had not put it together due to being super busy getting things done for the new studio and clients. Hardly ever time for yourself it seems…and that’s not all bad in my opinion. :)

Here’s the info from the video description on YouTube.

I put together this time lapse from the Handmade Market in Raleigh, NC. My wife assists in jewelry making with one of the artists at the market, Rosy Revolver (

Anyway, I did this just for a little fun and self education in time lapse.

Thanks to Falling For A Square for the awesome music. Go check it:
Falling For A Square

Thanks to The Handmaidens of The Handmade Market for your help with the setup even though I went with a different setup in the end. The market is the bee’s knees, and I hope to sell photography there in the future.