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Back After Hack

Code is the worst, but also the best.

As you may know, the Graff Creative websites were recently hacked and have been down while I worked on getting the server cleaned off and ready for a re-do. Well, here we are again. I decided to take advantage of the downtime to re-design some portions of how the sites will work. First of all, “sites” has become “site”. Yep…one cohesive website to house the photobooth, portraits, blog and whatever other services I offer. One exception, is my wife’s upcoming release of her custom cupcake business. I’ll link to it, and talk about it from here, but in all likelihood it’ll get it’s own complete website.

Welcome back, and please stay tuned for lots more updates in the coming months. Not necessarily exciting news kind of updates…but I’ll be restoring a lot of old content. I decided to go live before everything was complete because when a small business’ website is down (especially a photographer’s) the money stops coming in and the bills don’t get paid.

Speaking of. For your patience and for the hassle, I’m having a $100 portrait session sale. Book a session by October 15th, 2011 and it’ll only cost you $100. That’s $150 off the regular price. The session only has to be booked by then…not completed. Call for details, and get yourself some pretty pictures.

Please let me know if anything funny is happening on your end regarding the website, and I’ll see what I can figure out.