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I have been trying to figure out how to get my Blogger blog archives over here to my new WordPress blog without having to re-do each post one by one. My Blogger blog was self-hosted, so the magic import tool from WordPress supposedly wouldn’t work. After online research and reading I had pretty much given in to the idea that I would have to do it one by one. Maybe copy and paste into a new post one archived month per week or something.

Well, I got to thinking and came up with a far simpler solution than what I could find on the many posts in Google’s top picks. I simply logged into my Blogger account and switched from ftp self-hosting to blogger hosting. Then I logged into my WordPress account and clicked “import”. In less than 5 minutes all o my Blogger posts and comments were transferred to my WordPress blog. Easy peasy. So now, all of my old posts from my blog’s tiny start back in May of 2003 are here and viewable from the archives menu.

Warning – this used to be a personal blog only, so there may be some bad four letter words here and there. ;)

I shot another wedding yesterday with Leigh. I’ll be posting some previews from that sometime tonight or tomorrow evening.