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Literally speaking that is.

Below is a shot that I took at a wedding last weekend. The sky was pretty overcast with that familiar humid-haze-white. I know overcast and white don’t necessarily make sense together, but that’s the way the sky comes out when you are exposing for a pelican flying over. If you are letting enough light into the camera to make dark brown feathers brown instead of black, then the sky behind that pelican is bound to whiten up or “blow out” as we photo nerds tend to say.

So the first shot represents the original and the second shot represents a little Photoshop added to the mix. I think it came out pretty well. I combined the pelican shot with one of some clouds I took last year. I made the clouds very subtle as not to make otherwise impossible lighting in the photo. These clouds were breathtaking and unbelievably large hovering over our house like a fleet of Zeppelins. Those cloud pics are below too.