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In an earlier “Posts Forthcoming” I mentioned that I’d be posting some wedding plans. Jill asked me if it was my wedding. But of course it’s for my wedding. Well, mine and Jessica’s to be exact.

We were engaged last October while on a trip to Tennessee to see Superdrag and just to hang in Gatlinburg.

We’re planning for a very small, intimate wedding to be held in my mom and step-dad’s back yard this November. As far as real planning goes, we’ve barely begun. We have a photographer and a lot of ideas though. So we’re at least off to a good start.

We want to go very low budget on the wedding. We don’t want to start our marriage off up to our dreams in debt nor do we want to put a huge strain on any of our family. I’m sure there will be a little charge here and there, but we aren’t looking at an epically proportioned staging. Just a very nice, warm wedding.

There are some other details in the works, but there’s a little time between now and November, so I’ll save those for future posts.