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The Hot Light.

The age old question of “is the Hot Light on?” has been answered by my pirateering friends at GraySail LLC.

What is the Hot Light?
It’s a neon beauty that makes appearances at all the Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops. If the neon is humming then there are hot, fresh, doughy treasures rolling off the assembly line inside. I’m not sure if it is still the policy, but you used to be able to get a free one when the Hot Light was lit.

A lot of people prefer Krispy Kreme before the glaze actually becomes crispy. I actually like them better after they’ve come up to room temperature and the glaze is crispy, but I still have no problem chowing on a deliciously warm doughnut.

No more hoping to spot it when driving by. No Sir. Just rev up your mouse, Wacom or otherwise and ask the intert00bz:

Is the Hot Light On?

This blog has been brought to you by my lunch break and overeating.

Break’s over…back to work.