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Happy Thanksgiving

dsc_4126.jpg, originally uploaded by Jebb Graff. There are lots of things I am thankful for but instead of listing them all, I’ll just get back to spending time with them. ;) I hope all of you are having a happy Thanksgiving.Above is my token waterfall with a...

Back to the Dark

I skipped a few days on the “A Shot In The Dark” series. Here’s two more. These are of my other nephew Garrett. His first name is Jebb and his middle is Garrett. I think that’s the coolest.-JG

A Shot In The Dark – Gaige

AShotInTheDark-Gaige-001-111007, originally uploaded by Jebb Graff. It’s beginning to look like one a day for this series. This is my nephew Gaige. It was his birthday weekend. He learned to juggle on the internet. That is one of the most bizarre things to me....

A Shot In The Dark – Series Continues

AShotInTheDark-Jenna-001-111007, originally uploaded by Jebb Graff. This photo number two of the small series of my family. Number two is probably fitting for my sister, Jenna…she is the whoopie cushion queen of course.-JG