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Charlie and Heather’s wedding was crazy fun. I got to do some underwater surf session pics with the point and shoot and of course all day pointing the camera at their mugs. I should have some samples up soon. Thanks to Justin for the extra camera in the bag. Jessica was able to help out as a second shooter and got some good angles that I couldn’t get to because I’m well…one person. Jessica does a really good job. I think she has a natural eye for it. I just need to spend some time with her on the controls and she’ll be out doing me in no time.

We’re heading to Columbia this evening for Jill’s wedding tomorrow. I’m not shooting it. A friend of her’s and Jay’s is thought and from what I’ve seen she does a great job. It’ll be nice to catch up with a few old friends, and of course to see Jill grow a smidge happier.

More to come later…I need to remember to tell you some exciting tidbits from Charlie’s dad.