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Raccoon-1-600×600-051407, originally uploaded by Jebb Graff.

This little friend of mine has been making appearances daily outside my office. He/She (The Scamp) pokes his/her head up and then runs for the trash can on the boardwalk. Yeah, my office is on a boardwalk. This time The Scamp managed to grab a bag of someone’s lunch leftovers from Newton Farms. The Scamp stuck around for a while letting me grab all the photos I wanted. No fear of getting caught…you know what with the mask and all.

Today while out shooting with some new photographers we hired to shoot the homes and villas, we ran into a couple of deer munching on dollar weed. Gotta get me some deer for the yard. Anywho…at first we were being really quiet so the new photographers could get some shots. Then we realized these things weren’t scared of nuffin. We were able to shout some commands at them like a bunch of models. “Deer, look here…now tilt your head slightly left, chin down a little, one ear up, one down, antlers fuzzy…perfect! And print!”

Good animals, and scared of nothing but a dollar weed shortage. Good luck with that round these parts. Good luck indeed.