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We spent the weekend with Ben in Columbia to bid him farewell. He’s moving to San Francisco to work for AIPAC. I’m very proud of him, and will miss him dearly. I don’t have the time I’d like to devote a post worthy of all that Ben’s friendship has brought me, nor do I think I have the server space for the volumes of required to document his impact on me. He’s not dead, he’s moving. Just really far away. It at least gives me a great excuse reason to go to California.

Friday night was spent in 5-Points much like the old days, but certainly better this time around.

Saturday was full of internet videos of funny cats and topped off with GH2 and Trivial Pursuit 90’s edition.

Sunday was lunch at the Gourmet Shop and a final visit with Ben.

George and Lauren were our most accomodating hosts on this trip. They just moved into a cozy apartment off of Waccamaw and Wheat near 5-Points. This meant we got to walk everywhere this weekend. Well, almost. I miss being able to walk places for lunch or shopping. Though, I do really value being able to drive home and get away from it too. 6 of one I guess.

More pics from this visit can be found here at my Flickr site.

I also got a few pics of some wildlife. Ferocious birds that wear flowers behind their ears live in Columbia. I warned you.

Bird Likes Flowers Behind Ear