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I recently had the chance to shoot a family vacationing from Virginia out on Kiawah. I still need to pull the rest of their photos, but here’s a sample in the meantime.

Plunkett Family

Last Sunday Jessica and I headed out to the Ravenel Bridge to watch the tallships sail out of Charleston Harbor. This little yellow plane was flying pretty low near the bridge so I thought I’d snap a few. In the big original version of this you can see inside the plane. Right behind the pilot is a photographer pointing right back at me. Though the view from the bridge was spectacular, I’m thinking that guy one-up’d me.


Not long after that plane flew over, the sun began to set and we started making the two mile trek back to the car. This C-17 flew over so I shot it too. Amazing to think that the little two seater could probably fly through the cargo bay of one of these flying beasts.


Jessica and I were back in Greenville this weekend and I managed to fill up an additional 2.5 gigs of photos. Lots of work ahead for me and pics for you, but it’s really nice to be shooting for fun and for clients. Good times indeed.