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On my way to work this morning, I stopped off for some gas at a John’s Island Kangaroo station. I went in to pre-pay; no thanks to gas thieves. On my way in, a Mexican man approached from the opposite direction heading to the door as well. I beat him by a fraction of a second and held the door for him. He managed to mutter something that sounded like “tunko” which I took as “thank you”. That’s no big deal…I’m sure my “gracias” would have sounded like “GRAY-SEE-US” to him. So, I cruise down the aisle and grab a breakfast bar before heading to the register. This fellow was in front of me at the register and plunked an icy cold 24oz Corona on the counter. I thought to myself that his liver may appreciate a different breakfast, but whatever. There are worse things to do in the morning afterall.

Then the exchange:
Clerk: “do you have your ID?”

Customer: …silence…

Clerk: “You need ID to buy beer”

Customer: …silence followed by “Mexico”

Clerk: “Sorry man, you need ID to buy this. Two down.” he takes the beer and puts it behind the counter next to the other unpurchased beer.

Customer: stares at the beer for a few seconds, then turns and walks out.

Clerk: “It’s not my fault.”

That’s right man…if I have to have ID for everything I do, so do you. Maybe he left it at home, but it’s probable that he didn’t have one at all. I wish people would stop employing cheap illegal labor and start encouraging the honest path. I’m not against Mexicans or anyone coming to “the land of oppurtunity”. I just want them to live here legally, the way most of us do.