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2005 gets the boot.

I’m typing this on the run so I hope you’ll forgive me for poor grammar and spelling. I’ll keep this as short as possible instead of rambling on about every part of the year.Obviously some very bad stuff has happened worldwide from weather to ongoing...

New pics up on Flickr

Albert Sings Originally uploaded by Jebb Graff.I’ve posted several more shots over at Flickr if anyone is interested. Just click the part where it says “Jebb Graff” to get to my peekters.

Love Drunk

Love Drunk Originally uploaded by Jebb Graff.More to come peeps…try to stop it.Year in review on the way.

Happy Birthday George.

George Gots Rims Originally uploaded by Jebb Graff.I hope you got some new rims for Colt and said FU to an H2.See you soon.FUH2 Originally uploaded by Jebb Graff.

It’s a funtime lunchtime post-a-roo.

Let’s talk asshats as in let’s talk about some, not as in I am calling you an asshat.Unions are ridiculous. It’s all good money until you end up on strike and getting nothing at all. Well no money that is. You do get an abundance of disrespect from the rest of the...