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I wish I had been updating daily in the past couple of weeks. A lot has happened, and it will be too long of a post to cover it all. Oh well.

Good News:
I got 3rd place and an honorable mention for two of the photos I entered in the Coastal Carolina Fair this year. I’ve never won anything on my own that I can remember, so this was nice. Jessica helped me pick which photos to enter as well as lent a hand in the mounting process. Many thanks to her.

We celebrated our 1 year this past weekend. We went to Carowinds Saturday with my brother and his family for fun in the sun. It was a good time and we got a great deal on our 2006 season passes.

Christmas is approaching which means that Jessica’s fantastic baking talents will be filling the apartment to capacity with sweet and spiced aromas.

My parents survived a pretty bad car accident a few nights ago with not even a scratch. 5 cars in Goose Creek on their way to the fair. Someone ran a red light and knocked an Explorer into my parent’s truck. Thank God for keeping them safe.

For my photo fans, I have a few new ones coming your way in the next week or so.

I know there is more, but that’ll do for now.

Zaxby’s is delicious.