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So the visit went as well as could be expected. I deal with these things differently as most people do. I have a hard time with the reality of sad situations and they don’t usually catch up to me until much later. I took the last post down because I thought it might hurt or even anger my family in some way. I decided to re-post it because all emotions are expected including mine during times like these.

I usually get in a very joking mood in somber situations. It’s not so much denial as it is the desire not to swim in sad waters. I have to admit though that when I left Dot’s room on Thanksgiving I was fighting tears and they won. It gets harder as I get older. I wanted to crawl into bed with Dot. She looked so comfortable. I haven’t heard any updates about her health, so I am assuming that all prayers for Dot are being heard.

What I am about to write is said often, but I don’t think it will hurt to say it again. Let your family know that you love them. Don’t do it because one day it will be too late, or because you think they expect it. Let them know because you do. To all of my family, I love you. I don’t call, write or visit often enough but I know I don’t need to. We can always pick back up and I thank God for that.

I’m a little late on this one, but I wanted to add one thing I was very thankful for on Thanksgiving this year. I’m so thankful for Jessica. More than once she has stood beside me in places that conjure unpleasant and fairly recent memories for her. Each time I let her know that I didn’t expect her to be there, and I understood if she wanted to run and hide in a hole somewhere. Instead she stood there with me, offering what she could to help. I could say so much more about her, but for now I’ll leave it to thank you.

So there is a bunch of stuff happening at Chez Graff as usual, but this post is odd and long enough.