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So I mentioned my parents’ auto accident in my last post. I said they had walked away unscathed. Well, in the middle of the night on Tuesday my mom rolled over in her sleep and broke a rib. She is okay. It didn’t puncture anything, but she is all wrapped up and stuck in one place for a while. Appearantly there was a small fracture not seen in the x-ray results. When she rolled over the rib just gave up. I feel so bad. I know that is a very painful injury and one that makes everyone feel helpless. She’s a trooper though, so I am sure she’ll fair well.

Jessica and I are staying out here on Kiawah this weekend. We’re going to celebrate our anniversary that actually happened last weekend by hitting up the bike trails and the lush environment. I’m pretty excited about that.

I started my Christmas shopping a while back, so I am getting really excited about Christmas. I got all pumped up last year for Christmas, then the closer I got the more I just wanted the year to be over. I think this year will be great though.

Those pictures I talked about really are on the way. ;-)

Sorry Garrett, but Piebald is awesome.