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You may have noticed that the chained section on the right has been cut down to a smaller size. I removed all the xanga users because I get the email subscription updates thing, so don’t think you’ve been deleted from my friends list or something like that. The whole chained thing is more for me to have a quick way to get to my favorite blogs from anywhere.

Moving on…
As you know, this past weekend Jessica and I stayed on Kiawah Island. I work out there, and I was asked to shoot some photos while staying in one of our rental villas. It was a nice experience to see what our guests see. When I got off work on Friday I checked in and then headed home to get Jessica, our bikes, bags, and some dinner. We ran into Layne at dinner which was a very nice surprise. That guy is golden and will be a father in a few short weeks I might add. After dinner we made it to our lovely villa and topped off the night with tasty Sangria on the porch.

Saturday we got up and left the island for some not so fancy breakfast at McDonald’s. We came back and I shot some photos while Jessica took a nap. When she woke up we got some showers and had lunch on Seabrook Island at Bohicket Marina. I had a delicious fried chicken sandwich while our Gamecocks whipped up on Florida on the TV. After lunch we rode our bikes on the beach and on Kiawah’s 30 miles of bike trails. I can’t even begin to describe how peaceful and gorgeous the island is. No wonder people spend 8 million on homes out there. After the bike ride we were starving and more than ready for dinner. After another shower we headed out for dinner. We stopped at Piggly Wiggly for some more Sangria when we noticed steam pouring out of the hood of the Astro. The radiator was bone dry with no obvious signs as to where the leak was. We filled it back up with water and hauled arse to the apartment to swap out for Jessica’s Explorer. Dinner was had, and sleep was too.

Sunday we got up and checked out so we could tend to the van situation.

I wish this post could have been a little more descriptive, but I just can’t describe the place. I know these pictures don’t do it justice either. If you get the chance, spend some time on Kiawah.

This is the villa we stayed in: 4943 Turtle Point

I also added some shots to flickr from the weekend. You can click the pic below to get there for the rest of them.

Pristine Kiawah