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This past weekend Jessica and I went to Columbia for Kenny’s wedding. It was a good time. Congratulations to Kenny and Jill of course. Here are a few not-so-artistic photos from the journey.

At the reception we ate by a window with George and Lauren. These two would make a funny animation.

Then we watched Kenny and Jill cut their cake. It was a really good cake and I enjoyed watching it being cut. I made the “old man” style joke of asking if George and Lauren wanted to gather around while I cut the cheese.

These two guys watched Kenny and Jill cut the cake too.

There was a piano there that I looked at and wished I could break out with some Great Balls of Fire or something like that. George would play Meg Ryan and call me a big stud…then tell me to take him to bed or lose him forever.

After the reception we went to George’s new place. It was cool. He showed us the darts he uses to kill Palmetto Bugs with.

And the funny note he left for a roommate he has distaste for. Notice how funny the note he left is. It’s funny.

Then we had some dinner at Bar None in 5 Points. It was really good too…you wouldn’t even believe it. Jessica took a picture of me there.

George shook his face before he got in the car, so that was funny.

He also danced on the closed circuit TV at Laurens apartment. He’s so crazy.

We slept in Lauren’s roommate’s comfy bed. Then we came home after lunch because I felt sick. It was a fun trip.