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I have the internet at home again.

I left work early last Friday and headed for home to meet the cable installer. On the way home while crossing this here bridge I drove through a swarm of bees with my window down. That was scary. I am terrified of bees. I looked down and had 3 or 4 on my arm that I began picking off with some leftover McDonalds napkins. I didn’t want to swat too much because I was afraid of their keen ability to smell my fear, but now they smelled my fear of fear. It appeared that they were too caught up in the gravity of their unfortunate run in with my Astro Van’s bee murdering trajectory to smell anything other than the crap I scared out of them. I still managed to drive off the road, but I slowly and steadily brought the most popular van in the land back between the lines while discarding the napkin entombed bees on the passenger side floor board.

I also noticed on the way home that the odometer flipped over to 200,000 miles. That means I need to go get an oil change. The lady at WalMart told her assistant to add 3,000 miles to current number on my windshield reminder sticker for my next oil change…well she added 30,000 instead. I guess technically, I don’t need another oil change until I’ve driven 227,000 miles then according to WalMart’s oil techs.

I went surfing last week with Ben and his co-worker Phil. It was fun. Jessica took a picture of me, but it was blurry so I rendered it trendy. I’m glad it was blurry too. That way I don’t look like a potato with four toothpicks stuck in me quite as much as I do when in sharp focus.