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I have some new photos up over at my DeviantArt site – 3 to be exact. You know the drill; click the link and check in the gallery for all the photos. The new ones are posted below. You can click on them for the full size shot.

So the report is in…gas prices for regular here in Chas. have already topped $3.00 per gallon. That sucks. You know it already, because you are paying for it to in some way or the other. If you don’t drive, then you’ll still feel the effects from the rise in other costs due to this spike. Someone already said it, but it’s amazing to go from the Wright Brothers to the space shuttle, but the majority of our cars produce the same fuel efficiency as the Model T. I’ll be budgeting way in advance for gas until I can buy a more fuel efficient car. The van gets around 18 miles per gallon which isn’t bad for it’s size, weight, and v6 engine, but I would like to get closer to doubling that figure. At least it’s not a Lamborghini…they get around 8 miles per gallon in the city. My old truck got 7 at one point because it had headers that kept fouling up.

Lunch be over…ta ta.

*edit: I disabled comments to keep some of you sickos from talking smash about my sister pictured above.*