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Well, I’m on break. Some would call it a smoke break, but since that doesn’t apply, I am on a breather. Just a short rest before getting back to it.

I think I will order some cable next week at home. When Jay moved out we didn’t transfer the cable over to my name. That way we would get the “welcome to our cable company” discount for three months. We just haven’t been too worried about getting it hooked up yet, plus I wanted to shop around, because Comcast is expensive. Knology had the best deal, but Comcast has the contract on our address so we are stuck with Comcast.

I thought about joining Kenny and shutting down things here at slash blog. Instead I am just going to continue to be sparse with my posts which may or may not be what you were hoping for.

The next couple of weekends are pretty full. This weekend Jessica and I are going to see my grandma in Durham and my brother in Carey on a road trip with my sister. Then we’ll be home again. I think George will be down soon for Kenny’s deep sea fishing trip. Sorry for sitting out on that one Ken, but I hope you guys have a great time. I will probably see George at some point then. The first weekend of September is my birthday. Jessica and I will be going to Greenville to hang out with her brother and dad until Sunday. I took Labor Day off because I wanted some chill time here too. My birthday is on Labor Day this year, and I have decided to never work on my birthday again if possible. It may seem silly, but hey, why not? The weekend after that is reserved for some get-together time with some good friends of mine in Myrtle Beach. The weekend after that is reserved for the nuptials of Mr. Kenny. After that, I am sure will be something.

Ooooo…I scored one of those automatic kitty crappers from a lady here in town. It hasn’t been used and I’m getting it for 50 bucks which is a great deal considering the cost of a new one. It’s also still only $15 more than the current litter box. My cats get to poo on a robot. I’m kind of jealous…however I have heard that when these things malfunction they become a biological warfare catapult.

Fun times ahead, but for now it’s back to work and almost time to wind down another long day of pixel manipulation.

Right on.