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Well, my work day has finally come to an end. My brain is fried and needs some relaxation and nourishment. I’m still waiting for my annual review which kind of stinks because it’s one of those things that weighs on you until it’s over, but that’s alright. I’m patient, and as it has been for the past year, things are busy at work.

I temporarily don’t have internet access at home, but I will soon enough. I just need to give them a call and see what kind of deal I can work out.

The weekend was fantastic. Friday night was a little bit of a cluster f*ck, but it came together in the end and ended with the much anticipated opening of a bottle of champagne. Saturday, Jessica and I woke up and went for a swim then worked on unpacking her boxes and rearranging a little. George and Lauren came into town so they came by and we went to The Mustard Seed on James Island for some really good pecan encrusted chicken and laughs with an old friend and former member of Tykes with Guns. Afterwards, we headed over to Gene’s Haufbraugh for a couple of bruskies. George and Lauren came over for a bit after that which turned into looking at some funny photos of George from the past. Yesterday was filled with grocery shopping, returning an item at Bed Bath and Beyond, movies, and more home organization projects. Trust me, the weekend was a lot more fun than reading this post. You gotta believe me boyeeee.