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Happy 4th everyone.

It’s been a fairly uneventful weekend, but a good one at that. Friday night Jessica and I went to T-Bones and had a tasty appetizer called Tommy’s Colossal Texas Cheese Fries or something like that. The meals were okay, but the cheese fries certainly were the best that we had. They were big chunks of potato with your typical winning combination of ranch, cheese and bacon.

On Saturday, we lazed around here for a while then headed over to Northwoods Mall for some window shopping. There is a bedspread there we like a lot, so we went to visit it. After that we stopped by Michael’s for some bead stuff, and for me to see if they had foam core in the sizes I am looking for to make my homemade softbox. We were starving by then, so we went over to my parent’s house in Goose Creek for fresh veggies from Gary’s garden (he’s my step dad), burgers, boiled peanuts, and cookies. Yum. We both ate entirely too much…oh yeah, there was watermelon too. When we got home we pretty much just went right to sleep.

Sunday was another lazy day. I played some Super Mario World on Super NES, and then we went grocery shopping in the evening while it rained. Rainy days are my favorite for shopping. When we got home I started to make some boiled peanuts, and then we called it a night.

Today, I thought we might head out to be in the 4th crowds. I love watching people. We ended up hanging out here again though. I woke up and finished the boiled peanuts then went out and hung up my American flag in honor of the day. I also set up a light I bought for my photography to experiment with it and with a homemade reflector from a Bi-Lo cake tray. That all worked pretty well, and confirmed that my homemade studio will suffice until I can spend money on “proper” equipment. Jessica and I made some hotdogs and tater tots with baked beans for lunch, and watched a little A&E. After that, we took a nap, and I just woke up from that a few minutes ago. Now I’m going to take a shower and waste a little time before bedtime and the short workweek.

I hope yours was as exciting as mine…haha. They don’t call me summer-catalyst for nothing. It really was relaxing though, I’m just being an ass.