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Jessica and I are about to head out to do some shopping. I love Saturdays. We went to On the Border last night for some mexi-merican food, then came home and hung out for a bit while planning out part of today. The idea of the day is that we’ll go with the flow and do what ever. So there isn’t really a plan, but there are things we want to get and some things I have to get before tomorrow. I will be picking up gifts for my mom, step mom, and Matt and April. They are getting married on the 14th, so I need to have something to take to their reception obviously. I’ve still got a gift card from my brother and sister in law to JCPenney from last September, so I will probably pick up some shades that I’ve been eyeing. Tomorrow we are going down to my step mom’s house with my sister for doughnuts and coffee early in the morning before she heads to work. After that, we’ll probably spend some selfish us time together then head to Goose Creek to hang out with my mom before we go to dinner with her and my sister. It ought to be a fun weekend. I am hoping to be able to document this on pixels, but we’ll see. Sometimes it’s more fun just to have fun than to be trying to take pictures of everyone. That was a ramble and a half.

Did anyone like that fiction story I posted a couple of days ago? I’m not sure myself, but it was something new for me.

Also, congrats go out to Lauren and Colleen on their graduations, as well as to George on finishing his old job this week. I’m pretty sure that Lauren is going to buy George and me a super big TV to hang on the ceiling over the bed. She better get her priorities in check.

BTW – if you noticed your name disappear from the links on the right, don’t take it personally. I was just doing some house cleaning on the inactive sites I link to. If you get active again, let me know because I want to read and I want to direct traffic to you also.