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another update…no big deal

Hey. I thought I’d let you guys know that I have yet again updated my DeviantArt site with yet another photo of my old roomy Ben J. Just click the image below to go there and see it in it’s full size web form.

I saw the sign? No? No? London Calling? No? No?

In a heated conversation the other night with Ben S. the topic of callings came up. Well more specifically prayer for signs of callings and a few other topics unnecessary to address at the moment. Believe it or not folks, I pray. That’s right the guy that makes more...

Change is good.

I am tired of the old carrots and spinach dots, and am slowly working my way back to my color scheme. This is a blogger template, but I will hopefully start putting in my own stuff for my own template. As for my lack of blogging in general? I have been pretty happy...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s also Garrett’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Gee! His blog is no longer active, but his band sure is….click the pic to see the latest updates at my site.