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Yet another Trang appreciation post. Trang sent Jay and I Rilo Kiley goodies all the way from Houston. She is the leader of the pack for the Houston RK street team and out of the kindness of her heart, she sent Jay and I stickers and postcards. As most of you know I am a mixed fan of this band. They are super talented. But I am sometimes easily annoyed by some of their idiosyncrasies. I’ll go a few weeks of loving them, and then I’ll go a few weeks thinking if I hear one more hard “r” I will shoot myself. Overall, I lean towards the liking side more so than the disliking side. Most importantly, I am always happy to accept a goody-pack from a nice girl out west.

On the fridge, Trang…see? :)

Fun with one of my all-time favorite photos…and it just happens to star Trang!

Thanks again. You made my day…again!