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Well…first off lemme say this. Jay’s and my apartment is large and we have not finished setting it up as we want it. We are slowly building and changing as we get paychecks…little at a time. It is kinda hefty sized. It is a little bigger than Jay’s parents’ house as far as square feet go. Therefore I took a few more than one shot of the apt, Trang. Ben…There are more pics of the ninnies(kitties) on the way for you. Enjoy, and keep the requests coming.


the outside…my room and porch…I use elllipppsssesss too much… …

part of our unfinished living room

our fridge…our names start with j

dining room table

part of my room

the marsh view from my window

if I could only take one thing? my kitties, collectively makes one giant furry ball of love….


Albert on our porch