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yeah, so

Well, I am tired. Really really tired. I was over at Ben S.’s for some side work and then started home. I got blown all over the road from the winds due to Jeanne remnants. I was also starting to do the sleepy driver head bob. I took down the audio posts due to...

I pimped my ride yo!

I decided that instead of sinking my hard earned money into a new car or motorcyle, I would just get my van lowered, shiny up the rims, add a decal or two, and get a phat paint job yo. Behold…it’s the astro pimp. … sike >;-)

late, short, [insert flaw here]

A busy day is ahead of me. Sorry for the lull in updates. You know what I am about to say. “These have been busy times, blah blah blah…”. Well, they have been. On the docket for today are meetings, and lotsa stuff…I’m gonna be late...