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As usual, I am going to work now. I am back in the museum today finishing up the work on the A/V system. I’ll be leaving early to get on the road to Charleston for the show tonight with Elf Power and Zumm Zumm. Get your friends together and come on down for the show. You can get more information from The Ectomorphs website at Hope to see you there. Anyway, I am hoping to have all of this museum stuff finished today…at least the wiring stuff, so that tomorrow I can just rearrange the control room and clean up the cables. I also need to get started on the operation manual that will go with it. Alright, well the pollen is starting to get to me again so I am going to attack it before I get sick again. Have a good day. Oh yeah. THE ECTOMORPHS ARE PLAYING AT THE VILLAGE TAVERN IN MT. PLEASANT TONIGHT WITH ELF POWER AND ZUMM ZUMM. COME TO THE SHOW!!!