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I’m up and about to go to work. Today will mostly be spent over at the Columbia Museum of Art. I am reconfiguring their A/V equipment and writing a manual on how to use it. Basically, they don’t have a full time engineer over there, so I am going to set up their system such that no one can come in and make it a pain for the next person to use the facility. That’s a little scary to me that anyone that has a presentation gets let loose with thousands of dollars of A/V equipment.

After that I will be off to band practice. Tomorrow night is our show in Charleston with Elf Power…Holy crap; I am pretty pumped about it. If you haven’t heard Elf Power, you should. If you haven’t head The Ectomorphs, then plan on being at the Village Tavern in Mt. Pleasant tomorrow night. It is going to be a great show, but pretty packed so make your plans now!

I got a new prototype up for The Ectomorphs website, and think this one is going to work out much better for the band. I was already tired of the other one. That’s kind of the way sites go for me. I do a couple of prototypes and hang with it for a little bit before I get too in depth and then realize I don’t like it. Anyway, the new prototype is completely dynamic and able to be manipulated at any point. I am starting to hear nerds gathering so I will shut it now.