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Just chillin out here at the house today. I am heading over to Wal-Mart in a few to buy some oh so evil and corporate items for the continuation of the fatten Jebb up project. Looks like the project is almost over.

It has been a good weekend but too short. I guess that’s the truth for all weekends. I hope to find something out this week as far as my return to finish up school goes. I don’t figure it will be a big deal either way. If I get accepted and I finish then that’s great. I’ll have a degree and still be doing what I already do. If I don’t get accepted then I know what my next move is. Either way, I win. I am not sure if I am definitely going to go back to Charleston or not. I love the place, and every time I go back I am submersed in subtle reminders about why I love it there so much.

I am really pissed about my hours having been cut last week. There are people that work there that always have free time, however they remain full-time and still receive benefits. I am the only official designer there, and they cut my fucking hours. I am now redoing the a/v for the Columbia Museum of Art and I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t see a raise even though that is what I studied in school. My frustration is that I know I am a decent designer, and I have made some good work for these people and my effing hours got cut. Why? Who the hell knows? All I know is that once again, I am struggling to make rent in a fucking shithole while some no-talent assclown has it made. I’m gonna go play some music before I go to the evil corporation where they sell food to the poor rednecks of the world.