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Alrighty, it’s a quickie. The story of my life… Anyway, I am about to go to work. Why so late in the day, well my hours got cut. Son-of-a. Yeah, so I am looking for another part time until business picks up again at the office. Last night I went to CI-CI’s with Geniese and George. It was mighty tasty as always. The only bad part was that I kept making accidental eye contact with this cute girl across the restaurant. Why is that bad Jebb? Well, at first it was because it was accidental…I am not typically a gawker. Well it was really bad when she stood up and came closer to our table and I realized she was probably about 17. Dammit. So anyway, that kind of sucked. Last night’s radio show was a fun and sometimes funny one. My brother made it out of surgery with little complication, which I am very happy about. I was really pretty worried there. I appreciate any of your prayers and the emails, IMs, and calls I have received checking up on him. I need to go to work now. Peace.