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CURRENTLY PLAYING: Goose Creek Symphony

ALBUM: Welcome to Goose Creek

SONG: Welcome to Goose Creek

Wow, it’s been a while has it not? Anyway. I didn’t end up going to Raleigh with my sister to see my brother and nephews. The past couple of weeks have been hectic as usual. A logo Ben (co-worker) and I have been waiting on to be approved has been approved and the Flash prototype of the new website for our company has been signed off on as well. These are good things, but they are equally frustrating. This site is going to be very involved, and would be a very expensive website to buy. However, I will still be making the same wages on this “badass” website as I would for making an html site. Oh well, work was made for bitching. The week before last I got a call from Mike, my bands drummer, with a question seeking my help on one of his jobs here in Columbia. I gladly agreed to help him. The work was awesome. We went to Frankie’s Fun Park and replaced all of the old OUI speakers in the park with new JBL control series speakers. That was 28 new speakers hung four per pole in the mini-golf area. They were about twenty-five feet or so up the poles. Though Mike had the brunt of the work, it still felt good to get out and do some manual labor. There is nothing quite like getting sun and fresh air while earning your keep. Anyway, it was back to the office on Friday. It was good to see Ben again, and it turned out to be a pretty fun day even thought there was the addition of a new project for the City of Columbia. Friday night was my first Columbia show with The Ectomorphs. If you missed it and had reason then that’s acceptable…no reason, shame on you. It was a really fun show. There were some missed notes here and there, but we weren’t there to record an album. We played with other locals, Perfect Sleeper, and Cuatro Mono. Both are very good bands. I couldn’t have asked for a better in-town debut with The Ectomorphs. If you made it out, thanks a bunch. Yesterday was Justin and Leslie’s wedding. There was a surprise visit from Cocky to deliver the rings that Justin’s brother “forgot”. That was cute. The wedding was sweet, and the reception was fun. Jessica, Tia, and I confiscated a bottle of wine and headed back to my place for some extended socializing. It was fun. I was going to go to Brent’s (leader of The Ectomorphs) birthday party last night, but after the girls left it didn’t quite work out. I feel bad about that. Brent is one of the nicest and most sincere people I have ever met. He can hit you with plenty of quips and turn around with open arms all in the same breath. It is good to play with people that are honest and sincere. It makes the whole experience so much better. Well, I am going to go back to cleaning this sty. Mandy is coming into town from Chicago this weekend and she needs a clean place to cool her heels. I do too. This house gets cleaned once every week, and every week it is back to shit. Trash piled over the can, weeds in the yard, mail falling off the counters…sheesh.

Welcome to Goose Creek by Goose Creek Symphony

Woke up this morning with nothing on my mind.

Nothing’s all I’m looking for, and nothing’s all I’ll find.

I’ve been happy here for now on forty years.

Here I have no one to hate, have no one to fear.

It’s just a way of life so easy to find.

But it won’t be on maps they make, and you can’t buy it on time.

If you find that city life is not the life for you,

And you’re wanting something old and tired of something new.

Come out to the country when the trees are all in bloom.

Cleanse your mind, and cleanse your soul, and give your head some room.

And you’re welcome to Goose Creek won’t you come.

The boys would like to invite everyone.

We’ll take you there; it’s not so far away.

If you’ll just sit back and listen to us play.

And you’re welcome to Goose Creek won’t you come.

The boys would like to invite everyone.

We’ll take you there with us we’re on our way.

Pack your bags in case you want to stay.