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On the road back to South Carolina. Still have about 11 hours left. This trip had to be one of the best trips I have ever been on. Radiohead, Cedar Point, the zoo, some of the kindest and most hospitable people ever (Mandy’s parents), and all with one of my very best friends. There are some really rough days ahead, but thank God for this memory. I have really good feelings about the future despite the current void I feel from betrayal and broken dreams. Who knows when the next girl will come along. I look forward to it though. There are things I have learned from my past relationship that will allow me to be a better partner as well as red flags that I will be able to look out for. I am looking forward to getting back to Columbia. I am going to continue planning for the future and do some house cleaning. Oops, as usual my stream is deviant from my original thoughts. Back to that: The trip to Ohio was an incredible journey. No, not in the sense of ÒI need to get out of here and live in the village or backpack through Europe, or I just need to feel the wind in my[hair] etc… This trip was just a trip. No plans of how cool the road will be, no plans of criticizing the locals when they don’t look like me, no misconceptions about life or love, no ruined dinners, no running into dreaded truths, but plenty of lost sleep. Though the road presents a cornucopia of fun and memory, it is the destination that makes the road catalyst. Yes, it is some of the most fun, but when you don’t make it the point of travel then you don’t lose anything on its kitsch, and your destination isn’t disappointing. I look forward to a return to Ohio, but next on the list is Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, maybe. I guess it depends on funds. My birthday is fast approaching and the band has some shows coming up so this month will be crazy…oh yeah I am also working on a film for the next couple of weeks on top of my job, so I will be busy.

”I wish they’d swoop down on a country lane, late at night when I’m driving.” -radiohead