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Today started yesterday, actually. Yesterday morning I started back to Columbia from Charleston where I had been for a doctor’s appointment for a slight probing no dinner included. I arrived in Columbia two hours before my long awaited paycheck arrived in my hands. I then headed down to the mall and a few other stores to prepare for my trip to Ohio with today’s co-writer, Amanda Meszaros. That’s right we are on I-40 west as I type (thanks for the use of the laptop Ben.) heading for Toledo. Knoxville is the trading post of the minute so the day is still young. We are headed to see a shared favorite band, Oxford’s Radiohead. My intention is to keep a daily log of the trip with pics to be added later once I get my home server up and running. “Holy shit stay in your lane buddy, slow down!” says Mandy, whom also says “I wish I had tinted windows and a chinese sticker on the back of my car.” (Honda Civic is our conestoga. Eat that shite fast and furious lovers.) She also mentions that “Jebb is so lucky to be able to be in my presence and hear my lovely voice for twelve hours of [black tarred hell].” Well, it is about my turn to drive so I will write more later. Toodles.

Co-wriiten by: Amanda G. Meszaros