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On the road back to South Carolina. Still have about 11 hours left. This trip had to be one of the best trips I have ever been on. Radiohead, Cedar Point, the zoo, some of the kindest and most hospitable people ever (Mandy’s parents), and all with one of my very best...


Well, I missed an entry yesterday due to the fact that it was probably the most important day of the trip. That’s right, RADIOHEAD DAY!!! Mandy and I got our weary frames out of bed and headed to the mall for some pre-Radiohead shopping. I have been eyeing some shoes...


Today started yesterday, actually. Yesterday morning I started back to Columbia from Charleston where I had been for a doctor’s appointment for a slight probing no dinner included. I arrived in Columbia two hours before my long awaited paycheck arrived in my hands. I...


Somebody wake me up and tell me I have been dreaming. Screw it, dreams are as futile as mowing a swimming pool. Dream in one hand…shit in the other.


What a day it’s been. Definetly a Bad Hair Day. “[I]’m rotten fruit. [I]’m damaged goods. What the hell, [I]’ve got nothing more to lose. One gust and [I] will probably crumble.” You said it best radiohead.