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Later today the company I design for will be closing its doors. I am still in the middle of a project so I will be working for a few weeks after closing. That’s good, but I do wish that the time I finally found a job I liked it wouldn’t be going down the tubes. I spent part of my day at the beach in Charleston, SC. Folly Beach. What an awesome place. Did a little surfing and hung out with my friends. A little tired from that. When I got home, I began writing a new song. That will bring my arsenal up to a whopping five songs now. Wow! I am writing like a madman *rolls eyes in sarcasm*. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes when you breathe the summer air, you can close your eyes and lose yourself. I closed my eyes tonight feeling on top of a mountain and when I opened them, I felt like I was at the lowest crater. I get myself worked up for success or happiness and somehow I always find myself lying on my back again.