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Wow! The weather here today was awesome. I worked part of the day, then headed out to the tennis courts to play doubles…actually just rallying, but it was challenging and fun none the less. Been listening to the new Radiohead for a little while now, and am still blown away. No, it is not a return to the days of The Bends or OK Computer even, but it is definitely something different. The last track is looping right now. I can’t get enough. On another note, my roommate Ben got a new computer. Dell Dimension 8300 series. Wow!!! I am a Mac guy myself, but even I have to say that that computer cooks. Congratulations Ben. After tennis I took a dip in the pool at a local apartment building…shhhhh. Now it is time to shower away the kid-pee and chlorine and get ready to work some more. Potatoes are on the menu tonight!!!blasted potatoes.